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Nov 25, 2012 7:30pm EST
with cherry tomatoes. >> delicious. >> let me ask you about your international expansion. why new delhi, india? >> nobody is in it. >> it won the look for you. it's good to go for people that look to you. if you have to find them it dunn work. >> they came to you. >> they made a big offer. >> couldn't refuse. >> sirio has been delightful. cheers. congratulations to all of you. thank you so much. cheers. >> my thanks to mario, marco, mauro and sirio maccioni. >> now to a weekend where eating takes such high priority. food for thought from new york mayor cory booker who will soon be making do with less. >>> for more on our show and our guests, check out and hope you follow me on google+. look for @mariabartiromo. tuesday we will look at housing prices in major cities across the country when we get the case shiller index report. on wednesday more housing news with the latest number of new homes sold out on wednesday. on wednesday the beige book will be out. that tracks activity in regional economies across the country. on thursday the second reading of third quarter's gross domesti
FOX Business
Nov 25, 2012 9:00pm EST
them lazy or irresponsible . when india's own their own land they do about as well as other americans. >> nobody chooses poverty. we have been legislated by the federal government's both in the united states and canada. john: they have been taking care of you. that sounds like the best deal. >> well, by taking care of us that means providing social welfare programs. the only way to break the cycle of poverty, i believe, is by the recognition that every other canadian and american takes for grted, real property rights. john: in canada reserves are on by the government. so the indian hassome piece of paper that says this is my lot. >> but underlying that is the fact that in canada the federal government owns the land. john: so you can't borrow against it. >> you can borrow, get a mortgage, be bonded. there is nothing that you can have that will allow you to be able to go to the bank on your own without the minister cosigning that loan. john: does bring another guest. economist terry anderson. you find indians do much better when they own their own land. >> yes. i first get interested in
FOX Business
Nov 26, 2012 11:00am EST
extended national arm of the oil and natural gas in india. that is the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. dennis: a vampire, secret agent and a dead president with a new record of the film box office over the weekend. $288 million, better than the record set in '09. sucking up $64 million. the first bond film to cross the $209 mark in the west and "lincoln." and charlie sheen knows lindsay lohan's pain. so the star of anger management which let charlie strike it rich is handing $100,000 to help back taxes. she will probably have to pay more taxes on the gift. and now this, abc-tv station, the two going to surprise viewers and their bosses at the end of their show quitting on air. any thoughts on that strategy? cheryl: elected the opportunity to lets you know that dennis kneale and i have had a good run. none of them will ever work in television. ever. i tell you, there's no better way than to do something so public. nobody will hire them ever again. white house economists are warning retailers can take a hit of the u.s. was only fiscal cliff. sandra smith has the tra
Nov 26, 2012 6:00am PST
. if bobby jindal were go by his own party's rules, he was conceived in india so he would be ineligible to be president because life begins at conception. >> stephanie: if you want to vote for bobby jindal, you can press any key on a voting machine. what? i'm just kidding. >> have you tried turning on your modem? >> stephanie: yes. >> okay, turn it off. now turn it on. >> unplug it. >> press any key. >> unplug it. >> stephanie: it is a tech support -- voting for bobby jindal. see what i did there? >> stephanie: why rubio could never be p.o.t.u.s. julie in seattle he says rubio is like 5'8" in heels. bobby jindal is little, too. like a little -- >> a little lollipop guild. >> stephanie: rand paul is little, too. >> stephanie: is vern around? >> i'm getting to the age where i have no idea which celebrities have died. >> margaret and joe in madison how was your date with chris? >> stephanie: it was delightful. >> she wouldn't take her hands off me. >> stephanie: he's just muscles. he's like a muscle lasagna
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4